Thursday, 24 February 2011

Days of Being Wild

One of my favourite films of the early '90s is Wong Kar Wai's, largely forgotten masterpiece "Days of Being Wild". With gorgeously indulgent cinematography by Christopher Doyle, the film superbly captures the nostalgia of 1960s Hong Kong in a similar way to Wong's later and more famous film, "In the Mood For Love".
The late Leslie Cheung was never better than starring as the cruel self-absorbed drifter, with Carina Lau, Maggie Cheung and Andy Lau offering excellent support. The sixties interiors are authentically vintage, and the clothes are a feast for the eyes - thin cut ties and sharp tailoring for Cheung and exotic cheongsams and floral print dresses for the women. You can get hold of a copy on dvd here.

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